David Kim for Congress David Kim for Congress

Vote David Kim in the Runoff Primary Election on July 24th! Let your friends and neighbors know you support David by pledging to vote early July 2-July 20 or on July 24th.

“I hope to meet with as many folks as I can between now and the Democratic primary runoff on July 24. I want to hear your concerns, and listen to your ideas on how to build a better America. This is a campaign for all  people, and with your support, we can lead real change in Washington.” 

David Kim is a Democrat running to end the hostility, chaos, and gridlock and to restore common sense, integrity, and discipline to Congress.

A passionate educator, David turned a dorm-room tutoring businesses into a $100 million national firm with 200 locations, and thousands of employees. David understands hard work and he’s ready to work for you.

Everyday we wake up to new stories about the chaos in Washington. While the do-nothing Congress continues to bicker, the problems we face in Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties get worse. Our own Representative has been part of the problem and has failed to find any solutions to the problems faced right here at home.

Like you, David is appalled at the inaction on health care, immigration, and gun reform. Like you, he feels the impact of rising health insurance costs, prescription drug costs, and higher education costs. As the Representative for  the GA-7 Congressional District, David will be your voice and your vote in Congress.

Vote David Kim on July 24 in the Democratic Primary Runoff.