Priorities - David Kim For Congress Priorities - David Kim For Congress

David Kim pledges to stand up and fight for the values and rights of all residents in Gwinnett and Forsyth counties.

Quality Education

No candidate is more devoted to providing affordable, quality education to our children than I am, and my lifelong commitment to education show that. I built my company to help students, mostly public school students, get the education they need to compete in a global economy.

For years we’ve listened to politicians say they want to improve education, but nothing changes.

Together, we can change it. We have the resources to make American schools among the best in the world, but for too long we haven’t made it a priority. I will work to change that.

College tuition should be within the reach of every student. Students should not be burdened by endless college loan debt. Our taxes pay for our state universities, yet many cannot afford to attend them. An educated workforce is the foundation of our economy and our best hope for a prosperous future. In Washington, I will continue my fight for quality education for every child.

Affordable Healthcare

Members of Congress are given excellent healthcare coverage for themselves and their families, yet they refuse to provide the same to us. Representative Woodall happily accepts health care that you pay for, yet he refuses to fix the system for you. Until Congress takes up serious reform to fix our healthcare system, I won’t accept this taxpayer funded benefit until you have access to coverage as well. As a business owner, I have always paid for health coverage for my employees, and as a Member of Congress, I will work to ensure all Americans have access to quality, affordable coverage.

For eight years, we heard the cries of repeal of the Affordable Care act, but when the time came, Congress had no plan. Millions of dollars paid by Georgia taxpayers are sent to other states that expanded Medicaid, but because Georgia failed to expand Medicaid, our tax dollars are not even helping our own citizens have access to healthcare. I will vote to expand coverage, better serve the physical and mental health of our Veterans, and work to ensure that a serious medical issue doesn’t have to become a serious financial issue for my fellow Americans. Healthcare is a complicated issue, but we can fix this, and the time to start is now.

Gun Law Reform

We can protect our rights and find ways to work together on solutions to keep us safe. But we need some common sense. I believe the vast majority of gun owners are safe and responsible gun owners and take their role as good citizens seriously. I believe these responsible gun owners can help us find the solutions that have eluded us for too long.

That’s why when I’m elected to Congress I promise to reach across the aisle and work with responsible gun owners to find cultural, technological, and legal ways that we can make this country safer for everyone, but it’s not going to be easy. No matter what side of this issue you’re on, we have to stop addressing this issue from a place of anger and fear, and start discussing it with facts and respect for our fellow Americans. There are no easy answers when it comes to making our families safer from gun violence, but if we work together we will find that there are innovations and common sense solutions hiding in plain sight.

I will vote to pass reasonable gun reform: universal background checks to keep guns out of the hands of violent criminals and domestic abusers, methods to prevent anyone on a terrorist watch list–or whose mental health poses a danger to themselves and others– from accessing weapons, and measures designed to keep our children safe. Congress has been silent too long.

Protecting Medicare and Social Security

We need to do more to protect our most vulnerable citizens, and I will lead the charge in Washington to do just that. The government never hesitated to take money out of your paycheck; now government must keep its word when it comes to healthcare, Social Security, and Medicare. Instead, your benefits are threatened by the reckless spending of Congress.

To our senior citizens:you earned and paid for your benefits, and I will never vote to break that contract. We have seen Washington tap into the Social Security Trust Fund, putting every American at risk of losing benefits. We have seen them run up huge deficits and then cry for a balanced budget. This must stop.

The best indicator of character is how you treat people who can’t offer you anything in return.I will bring compassionate leadership back to Washington.

Fiscal Responsibility

We listened to the promises of Republicans to put our fiscal house in order and give tax relief to working families. Despite their promises, they increased the deficit by over 2 trillion dollars just in the last two months. Very simply put, we are borrowing trillions from China and letting our children deal with the consequences. By the time my daughter reaches middle school, the national debt will be more than 30 trillion dollars. This is fiscal insanity, coming from people who call themselves conservatives.

We should be focused on building a better future. I will support renewed investment in national infrastructure, protections for our vulnerable electric grid, and making sure we never again leave over three million Americans without power or water for months as we did in Puerto Rico. I support ideas to let younger Americans consolidate their student loan debt–or have it forgiven in exchange for public service–so that they can become full participants in the American economy. And I will support tax reform that benefits working families and small businesses instead of giveaways for billionaires and corporate welfare.

For too long Congress has refused to spend OUR money on the things we need, and I will do better. I will vote to restore fiscal responsibility, and I will vote to stop spending our children’s inheritance.

Immigration Reform

In March, I sat down with several Dreamers to hear their stories. One Dreamer, Aldo Mendoza-Guerra, said “The place we were born is foreign to us. The place we were raised looks at us like foreigners.” Over 80% of Americans want to protect the Dreamers; they came to this country as children through no fault of their own and are as American as anyone born on this soil.

We have not had immigration reform since Ronald Reagan was president. The world has changed but we remain stuck in the failed policies of the past while millions continue to live in the shadows. We can protect our borders, maintain our national security and join together to address this pressing issue. We cannot allow fear to drive policy.

I will vote to protect the Dreamers and to give them a path to citizenship. I will vote to enable those who want to contribute to our great American melting pot to come here legally and safely. The state of immigration in the United States is a human tragedy that is destroying innocent lives and threatening the education, employment, and safety of young people. Enough is enough. If we want to be seen as a country of great opportunity, we must start acting like one, and I will make it my priority to lead the charge for smarter immigration laws.

Women’s Rights

The Republicans have mounted an unprecedented attack on the rights of women. While we hear Republicans call for less government and more personal freedom, we watch them try to restrict women’s rights, to limit life-saving research, and to withhold funding for organizations like Planned Parenthood that treat thousands of women each year. The decision to have a child is a sacred decision only a woman can make. Why does the party of individualism and small government want to control your body?

I led by example in my company, C2 Education, and I will do the same in Washington. Women always received equal pay for equal work, were hired and promoted because of their abilities, and all employees received paid medical leave. I worked hard to make sure women felt safe and respected in the workplace. I will continue to fight for your right to equal healthcare, equal pay, and equal representation.

Environmental Protection

Too many in Congress are preventing us from developing safer, cleaner and cheaper energy. We are the most innovative nation on earth, yet we are missing out on hugely profitable advancements in clean energy.

Let’s put our communities to work to make us more energy efficient, grow our economy, and to protect our planet from the special interests who don’t care about our future. The United States should lead the world in the development of smart development, clean energy, and “green-collar” jobs. We can create thousands of jobs, and put people to work protecting our environment, building clean alternative energy sources, and securing a place for America as a global leader in the green revolution.

Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission voted to end net neutrality, meaning your equal access to the open Internet that has become a mainstay in everyone’s life is at risk. If Congress does not act, net neutrality is history and your open access to millions of web sites and services will be cut off unless you pay to play. Congress could stop this from happening, but, like so much else, they do nothing. Equal access to knowledge is essential to a prosperous, equitable future. I was the first candidate to speak out forcefully and take a strong position on net neutrality, and as your representative, I will champion our right to an internet that is open to all.

Georgia Agriculture and Our Family Farms

The family farm is the backbone of America. Here in Georgia agriculture is our largest industry. Our farmers compete in a world market where the playing field is not level and the price of commodities is not based on the cost of production. I believe in parity for our producers, and open markets for our products.

The President has said that he believes a trade war will be good for our economy, but in reality, it will hurt farmers and devastate rural communities. Closed markets drive down the prices of all our agricultural products by limiting demand. If we lose our ability to sell to other countries, we risk never getting our market share again. I will work to protect our farmers and our rural communities and keep our agricultural economy strong by promoting fair trade partnerships, open markets, and financial support for our growers.