Meet David - David Kim For Congress Meet David - David Kim For Congress

The American Dream In Action

David’s life is defined by service and success, driven by the belief that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

The first generation American-born son of hardworking Korean immigrants, David Kim is running for Congress in the Democratic Primary Run Off on July 24. He’s had enough of this do-nothing Congress.

David understands what it means to work hard for what he cares about. To put himself through Harvard, David tutored local high school students. After graduating, he turned that small business idea into C2 Education, a company with 200 locations, thousands of employees, and annual revenues over 100 million dollars. Currently, more than 50,000 students a year are getting the education they deserve through David’s vision and commitment to education.

David moved C2 Education’s national headquarters to John’s Creek in 2006 after visiting and falling in love with the community. C2 has created more than 1,000 jobs in the metro area alone.

Three years ago, David stepped away from the day-to-day operations of C2 Education, to refocus his life, and continue his commitment to young people. Concerned about the decline of arts education in our public schools, David became the publisher of Teen Ink, a national media outlet focused on writing, art, photos, and forums for teens. Distributed through classrooms and available in libraries nationwide, Teen Ink magazines and books give teens a chance to express their opinions in a safe and encouraging environment.

David is a proud resident of Duluth, where he lives with his wife MJ, their three young children, and their beloved yorkie, Yoshi. David and MJ are raising their children to believe that service and hard work are keys to a bright future, and he lives those lessons every day.

A dedicated member of our community, David serves on the board of Zoo Atlanta and volunteers to help homeless families with Mission Agape. He is a deacon at Korean Central Presbyterian Church, and previously served as a Commissioner on the Montgomery County Commission on Children and Youth and as a board member of the Washington Youth Foundation.

Like many Americans, David grew increasingly frustrated watching Washington insiders sell our future to the highest bidder. Finally, he decided it’s up to us, the citizens of America, to roll up our sleeves and work to fix it. So in June of 2017, David announced his candidacy to represent Georgia’s 7th congressional district in Congress.  As a small business owner, a champion for education and a political outsider, David is running to hold Washington accountable. He will fight through the extreme partisanship — and he will deliver results for the people of Gwinnett and Forsyth Counties. David will work every day to ensure that all of our children have the same opportunity to earn their own piece of the American dream.