Why I'm Running - David Kim For Congress Why I'm Running - David Kim For Congress

Why I’m Running


We need to restore accountability to Washington


Our country is reawakening. Georgians of both parties are discovering what we want from our government: Reform of our broken system, leaders who will stand up to corrupt officials from both parties, and real solutions to the problems that everyday Americans, not special interests or corporations, face. We simply can’t afford the age of partisanship any longer. We need real service-oriented leadership.

That’s why I’m running. I’ve had enough of a system that protects an off-the-rails Republican President instead of getting to work on the very real problems we all face.

My home – the 7th District of Georgia – is particularly frustrated.

I moved here in 2005 because I saw so much potential in the area. Over the past 12 years, we’ve seen tremendous growth – new homes, new schools, and new businesses. I am so proud to be a part of this diverse, vibrant, and successful area along with my wife and two kids.

Unfortunately, our representative is more concerned with his party than the people he represents. He’ll rubber stamp practically anything if it’s what his party leaders demand.

On healthcare, Congressman Woodall could have worked with both sides to find real solutions for lower costs and improved coverage. Instead, he signed off on a plan that would add an “age tax” and completely take away healthcare from 23 million Americans, many with pre-existing conditions.

We see it in our budget too. Washington looks to cut taxes for millionaires while slashing billions in education funding and health research. Congressman Woodall and his GOP extremists are prioritizing the extremely wealthy over educating our kids and finding cures to the diseases that devastate our families and budgets.

I’m fed up. The American dream is becoming harder and harder to reach for too many, and our leaders have completely lost touch with the concerns of Georgia families. We need change.

I was lucky enough to achieve my American dream. My parents immigrated from South Korea to the United States, and through hard work and determination, became successful. My family members today carry on that legacy and serve their communities as a police officer, teacher, doctor, engineer, lawyer, and entrepreneur.

I’ve been lucky enough to build on their success. I founded C2 Education in my college dorm room and have since grown the company to create thousands of jobs and help educate 50,000 students to realize their own American dream.

That’s what I’ll offer Congress – real, innovative know-how to help our kids succeed and help new businesses grow. I’m a Democrat but I, too, will fight unnecessary regulations and burdensome taxes that keep today’s entrepreneurs from making their small businesses the next big thing. I’m also an American who knows we’re all in this together – and none of us will succeed if we can’t educate and nurture the next generation.

This shouldn’t be partisan. I don’t care what your party is or who you voted for in the past. If you care about our community and our country, I hope you’ll join me. Thank you.